War of Emperium
What is War of Emperium?
How to participate in War of Emperium.
Everyday tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday at 5pm (Pacific Time) the War of Emperium will begin. The objective of the event is to capture the castle and defend it until the event is over (It lasts 10 minutes). Anybody can participate in this event and capture the castle as long as they're in a guild.
Attacking the Castle
How to obtain power of the castle.
To capture the castle, you must enter inside and defeat both pre-emperiums. Once both crystals are destroyed, portals will open to the final emperium. If your guild destroys the final emperium, you must defend the Castle until the event has finished.
Castle Defense
How can I defend my guilds castle?
If the event is not active, no guilds will have access to your castle and it is safe from intruders. However, during the event your castle is vulnerable to attacks. You can defend castle with guards or by healing your own emperium.
The Castle Governor
What are the benefits of owning a castle?
When you control the castle, you will be given access to something.

Additional Information and Commands
/woe info
View the current Castle owner or when War of Emperium ends.
Guild Leader
If you're inside the Castle, you may teleport all guild members to you. This has a 5 minute exhaust.
Castle Banners
Guild Member
If you use a banner located inside the Castle, you will be teleported to the emperium regardless if the pre-emperiums are broken.
Guard Lever
Guild Leader
If you use a the lever located near the main emperium, you will spawn 5 guards to help defend at the cost of 30000gp.

Castle Nidarosdoom
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